About me, I can tell you that I have, that I am about to turn 63 years old!!! I still can’t believe it, almost yesterday… I had my two children running around here, and they were small! But no… time has barely passed without me finding out.
I live on a beautiful island, in the middle of the Mediterranean.
I really like reading, watching movies, especially if they are science fiction, but good! I love the imaginary world of Tolkien, the elves, Noldor, Vanyar, Moriquendi, Sindar, Silvamos… etc, etc.
Long before the movie was made, I believe I have read the Lord of the Rings book several times. But I also liked the movies!
Years ago I got to know the Paint Shop Pro program and from there, Pixel Art, for work reasons, I had to leave the computer… and forget a bit about this whole world.
Now… I’m going back… I have time and desire, I really want to continue with my beloved pixels!!