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  1. Hello dear sha,
    found this link and here I am to look around, find it good to see a new pixeltubes maker..not many out there more.
    Nice to see you here..welcome to look at my site and my pixel too..we have our tcg game and looking for new members – big húgz inger

  2. Inger, thank you very much for your visit and for linking to my site… I just uploaded your banner and link it to your page. I have taken a quick look, then I will look at it more calmly since I have seen beautiful and interesting things!
    A long time ago I had a little season of making pixels, but I had to leave it for work, now more relaxed, I’m back!! Have a good day!!

  3. Sha, if you have interessts and want to have a looksie at our tcg wp site..you can have a guestcode for it.) this is only for looking…hugz inger

  4. Hello Inger, well look… if I’m interested, I’ve seen your pages, but I don’t really know how it works… then there’s the language… and since I can’t translate because I can’t use the second mouse button.. Well, that, I don’t know much!!! But of course I’m interested, at least see it! Tell me how we could do it?m, ok?? and thank you!!

  5. Hello dear Sha, I found your great pixelpage and I would be happy if you would visit me sometime.
    I have already linked your banner, maybe you would like to take my banner with you?
    I wish you a wonderful new week.
    hugs Biene

  6. Good morning. Well, I spent a little while visiting your page, everything I’ve seen that you do is spectacular!!
    I couldn’t find out about the texts, because although I saw that you had a translator, it doesn’t work. But your work is beautiful!
    I already put your banner on my page!!! Thank you very much for coming to visit me and link me!!

  7. Hello dear Shalana, thank you for visiting my page and taking my banner with you.
    The transpator should now work again, thanks for the tip.
    I still have one question, the link to the free pixels doesn’t work for me either, the PC always says: «It’s a malicious website». is there another link?
    I wish you a nice day.
    Hugs Biene

  8. me again, now it worked, I used a different browser.
    Many thanks for the great freebies – big hugs Biene

  9. It’s me again, unfortunately I have to say that in the rar file «Charly Easter» there is only a PNG image and you can’t separate it, maybe you can please add a psd file to it? Thanks a lot for this – big hugs Biene

  10. Good morning Biene, I’m so sorry about the problems you’ve been having. I assume the browser is Chrome, right? I’ve also had them with him, I suppose… but I’m not sure it depends on the security of WordPress… but I’m telling you that I don’t know now, I’ll have to start investigating.
    I have already uploaded the file with the image in psp format, it is that psd, I do not have it installed, since I work with Paint Sho Pro.
    Tell me any problem you see, ok?? I will thank you very much!!
    Have a good day!!

  11. Good Mornig dear Shalana,
    I tried the link to the frebies, now the error message appears:
    «The requested URL was not found on this server»
    I tried it on chrome and firefox…maybe you can have a look again please? I wish you a wonderful day.
    Hugs Biene

  12. Good morning Biene, my mother, I’m going from bad to worse!! I’ll see what happens now, thank you very much for helping me solve it, I’ll tell you something later!!

  13. Well, I think it works now… I hope if it does… I’ll cross my fingers!! And really, thank you very much for the patience you are having with my page!! and I thank you, otherwise I would be thinking that everything is fine!!! Tell me if you get it, okay??

  14. Hello dear Shalana, you don’t have to be upset, now everything worked wonderfully :), thank you very much for that, they are so cute tubes, I really like them – you did a great job!!
    Thank you very much for visiting my website:)
    Have a wonderful sunday, big hugs Biene

  15. Hello dear shalana,
    I saw so sweet little tubes from you here..
    I use only my old program psp 7..do you think I can open them there????
    Have you painted allthings alone..all three sets looking sooo cute…hugz inger

  16. Good afternoon Inger!
    Yes, they can be opened without a problem since I save them with compatibility options from Psp 7 onwards. And I have also verified it.
    They should be able to be used with everyone else starting at 7.
    At the moment I only have these three uploaded and one more in spring, from another doll. I’m painting at full speed!! and soon I will have more!!
    Thanks for your interest!!

  17. Hi Sha..there is something wrong on your new tubes – autumn – i see only the halloween tubes – hugz inger

  18. Yes, I had the link wrong! You are a true love, you don’t know how much I appreciate your messages letting me know!!
    It is fixed!! and really, many, many thanks!!

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